A Craft Life

Blazing your own path is one of the most challenging, and rewarding decisions you will ever make. Being a discerning customer is ingrained in us, which in turn allows us to keep a tight perspective on the expectations of the Craft Beer community. Not to be mistaken with pretentiousness, or being snooty, but demanding a certain level of quality and performance from the products you purchase. That’s what we believe. That’s what Hop Vine produces. Styles that speak directly to your craft beer lifestyle, and quality that you expect from everything you enjoy.
It’s not just something we talk about, or just a saying for the Hop Vine crew. We live it. Founders Michael and Bobby Carbonell own a Craft Beer bar in Tallahassee Florida called Growler Country, which was selected as the “Best Beer Bar in America” in 2018 for the state of Florida. It’s through this venue that the brothers have staked there claim in the Craft Beer industry. Being pioneers of the Growler industry in Florida, the brothers helped shape the legislation that was put in place to allow growler fills for the state in 2014. Bar and brewery consulting is on the resume of our founders, along with numerous other accolades and certifications showing their dedication to the craft. Beer that is.